The project DiVinomente – vines with a divine spirit - was born from a casual meeting of three people with very different professional backgrounds and origins, who met on the football field: Daniele, italian of southern origin but from Brianza since many years, Gabriel, with a half Brazilian/half Portuguese soul but yet Milanese, and Osea, friulano DOC. Daniele, di origine meridionale ma brianzolo da molti anni, Gabriel, dall’animo metà brasiliano e metà portoghese, Osea, friulano DOC e Danilo.

From friendship comes the confrontation and the realization we were not just simple wine lovers, but we wanted to be active figures in the Italian wine world. With DiVINOmente project DiVinomente we want to discover and share new flavors, meet interesting and innovative people and professionals who are able to tell the world the beauty of their territory without many words, through a simple sip of wine.

What we do?

We research and market wines from small and medium sized wineries that have an eye for biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious: to offer everyone the possibility to have access to high quality wines at a fair price, in order to guarantee the livelihood of the producers, of the operators in the production chain and above all the preservation of the territory where the wine is produced.

The wines we deal with are currently niche products, only available in specialized distribution channels or sold in the winery directly by the producer.

In order to achieve this goal we based our business strategy on the efficiency of processes and fairness with respect to every actor of the production chain, being able to bring the best wines directly from the producer to the shelves of specialized stores or to our customers' wine lists.

We personally taste each wine we propose, studying them in depth and subjecting them to a careful selection so that each label is consistent with our vision. We visit our partner wineries; we go in person to our retailer clients in order to be able to offer the most suitable products for each location and market segment. For each label, we create online and offline promotional materials to enhance the value of the product within our B2B customers.

We believe that it is never a good thing to fixate on stereotypes and we are always looking for new experiences and new proposals to bring to the market. Thanks to ourspirit of discovery, we do not limit ourselves to sell wines only in traditional glass bottles, but we accept the challenge to propose to the market also products in other packaging,such as Bag-in-Box and cans, welcoming the different needs of our customers in the retail/HoReCa sector.

For us, quality is not only found in expensive bottles, winners of international awards; it is found above all in the wines of small producers who are first and foremost guardians of the landscape in which they live, as well as winemakers.

For all these reasons, we manage to ensure a price that guarantees any end consumer access to the products we trade. We believe that this is the only way to expand an already mature sector such as the wine industry, innovating and bringing new proposals to the market.

Why should you choose DiVinomente?

We offer an ad hoc work to our clients in order to satisfy all their needs,whether they are wineries or retail/HoReCa sector. We work very closely with our partners and ensure that their every request is met.

Efficient processes and a business model based on operations managementallow us to guarantee our customers the best prices, directly from the winery, and the wine supply chain to grow consistently, sustainably and consistently over time.

Attention to quality is the value that distinguishes us. We personally select the wines in our portfolio and create for each of them promotional material that can concretely enhance the product, leaving aside unnecessary details.

We make the products we select accessible to any end customer,shortening the supply chain and eliminating unnecessary intermediation costs.

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